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Defending Your Interests After A Domestic Violence Arrest

Were you arrested and sent straight to jail after a complaint of domestic violence? Have you been accused of violating a protective order after an episode of spousal abuse or child abuse? Did the domestic abuse charges you face result from a “he said, she said” situation? Has your conviction put you off-limits to your children, impacted your immigration status and prevented you from the legal ability to vote and own a firearm? Whatever the circumstances surrounding your legal problems, we are the Missoula criminal defense lawyers who offer steadfast support for your immediate goals. We are the Stevenson Law Office, serving Western Montana criminal defense clients of all kinds for almost 15 years.

The Powerful Advocacy You Need To Fight Domestic Violence Charges

Our law firm’s founder, experienced criminal defense attorney Mat Stevenson, has succeeded for family violence clients throughout the state in these and many other practice areas:

  • Spousal abuse and child abuse
  • Physical, verbal and financial abuse
  • Violation of protective orders and restraining orders
  • Intimidation
  • Stalking
  • Harassment

Many people don’t understand that a domestic violence conviction — a conviction for actual physical assault on a partner of family member — results in a permanent impediment to your right to possess firearms, under the Second Amendment. Future possession of a firearm (after such a conviction) puts you at risk of federal indictment. Stevenson Law Office has achieved an extremely high success rate, in preventing “PFMA” convictions for our clients, and guaranteeing the preservation of our clients’ constitutional right to bear arms. The longer you delay in contacting us, the longer you will suffer the repercussions of a domestic violence arrest. You can stand up for your rights — and we will stand alongside you. Call the Stevenson Law Office today at 406-552-1851 or reach us by email message to secure an initial consultation.