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Our attorneys will defend you - at every stage of your case - against the harshness of prosecution. Stevenson law office levels the playing field against the government through aggressive advocacy, investigation, negotiation, and litigation. From the beginning of your case, to the end, Stevenson law office guarantees skillful and diligent courtroom advocacy. Our precise legal research and briefing will force the prosecution to the bargaining table, whenever possible. Our abilities in oral argument, trial, appeal, and post conviction relief result in consistently excellent results for our clients. Stevenson law office takes great pride in providing outstanding legal services at consistent and reasonable rates.

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Powerful Advocacy In Western Montana Criminal Courts

 When The Stakes Couldn't Be Higher

Your access to your family, finances and freedoms hinge on the outcome of a criminal trial. Your personal and professional reputations are at stake as well. With so much that's precious to you hanging in the balance, you must have a strong voice on your side in state and federal court. Our law firm has the legal knowledge and client commitment that get results.

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When Your Driver's License Is At Risk

Too many misleading factors can lead to an arrest for drunk driving — inclement weather, road conditions, vehicle malfunctions, a motorist's medical emergency, dubious police procedures and defective breath testing equipment, just to name a few. Stevenson Law Office DUI defense attorneys shine a light on these factors, to turn the tide in your favor.

When You Need To Talk To Someone You Trust

We want to hear your side of the story — every fact, every detail, any element of your case that could cast reasonable doubt on your guilt. Start to finish, we deal with you honestly and maintain open lines of communications, starting with your initial consultation. We urge you to reach out to us today by phone or email message.


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