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“Just when you think it can’t be done or we are going to lose this case, Mat Stevenson came up with a plan and a solution. It was brilliant. I am so very thankful that we hired him to represent my son. We definitely got what we paid for. If you want results and a fighter for your liberty and freedom, this is the lawyer you want. His entire staff was always kind, and we always got a reply and an answer in a timely fashion. Mr. Stevenson handled everything professionally but most of all he is a thinker and recommended a solution. The solution worked and we have been in awe and made to be so thankful for an expert in the field to help us. When it seems all hope may be gone, I recommend Mr. Stevenson and his staff. It will be one of the best choices you might ever make.”

— C.N.

“At first glance, my case appeared to be fairly simple. As the evidence poured in, it was anything but. Mat spent countless hours researching my case and stood by my side the whole way. My thanks go out to Mat and the whole team at Big Sky Legal for getting me an outcome better than I could have ever hoped for.”

— L.B.

“Dear Mat, attorney at Stevenson Law Office, I wanted to thank you for all you did for M.L. You worked a miracle in Missoula. You did a great job. Thank you”

— J. & J. H.

“Let me get to the point folks: Mat is a warrior of Viking proportions in a court of law. I live in Flathead County and could not find anyone to take my case. I was charged with eight felony charges and was told I had a ZERO chance of victory. I found Mr. Stevenson online, and thus studied his performance reviews intently. I then with a prayerful, repentant heart made the call. It was this decision, this choice, this call made in a moment of absolute desperation that DID absolutely change the course of my life. This man’s articulation, brilliance and experience in the end literally saved my life, continued liberty and ability to pursue happiness I have a long, lengthy criminal record encompassing many states. I have led a life of many poor choices due to my selfishness. I have been on probation multiple times and have also been to prison. This attorney from the onset NEVER lied to me. He never judged me, and he gave me hope when everything was black and hopeless. He delivered clear, concise instructions and he fought like a warrior, tirelessly even after I gave up hope and embraced despair. Mat won a sweeping victory in the end. This is true folks. The court was past closing and the judge had made his mind to sentence me with a lengthy prison term. This would have ruined very life, ended my relationship with my daughter and ended my career forever. Mat fought for me, he NEVER gave up on me and in overtime gave me back my life. I ended up with a suspended sentence instead of prison. In closing, the professionalism and attention to detail of this law office was incredible. Mat changed my life and has forever inspired me with his vehement determination and grit. Stevenson Law Office is a winner and there is NO OTHER CHOICE OUT THERE.”

— L.N.

“My experience with Stevenson Law Office exceeded my expectations and the attorneys are above reproach. Mat Stevenson handled both my criminal and family law cases. They worked aggressively, communicated with me often, and handled both my cases with class. These guys are legal geniuses! If you want respect, unparalleled legal services for a criminal or family law case, and the most positive outcome in your case, than these are your guys, bar none.”

— F. J.

“I felt it necessary to write a review of the service and professionalism I have received from Stevenson Law Office. First off, let me say, I am 100 percent sure that I would be serving a 10 year prison sentence at this time if not for this team. I was very guilty of the crime I was charged with and it was not a winnable case. I was told by two different public defenders that there was nothing that could be done, and I needed to come to peace with my fate and serve my sentence. Now understand, I did not need innocence or guilt argued. I needed a strong and understanding attorney to argue my sentence and convince prosecutors that prison was not the appropriate sentence. This took due diligence on my part to find a very strong attorney who could handle a burden of this level. Almost every attorney I spoke with, after looking at case facts, told me they could not help me. Mat Stevenson looked at this case and understood exactly why prison was not the right option. He took the case and negotiated tirelessly to show prosecutors why they needed to revisit my sentence. I have never seen a attorney that was able to negotiate an unwinnable case that has no leveraging against prosecutors to argue for a reduced sentence. That said, Mat did exactly that. I did not serve one second in prison and won’t. I needed the court to see my perspective on my case, and no attorney was even willing to try. Mat took on this case and from day one, began to show the court why my freedom was appropriate. Mat is beyond skilled and extremely knowledgeable. He has saved our family and our future, and I highly encourage anyone facing a serious crime to not risk your freedom and immediately hire this team. I can tell you that money was a very small amount of this team’s motivation. I obviously paid them, but not nearly what the few others that were considering this case had quoted me. Don’t risk your future. Hire Mat and don’t waste precious time dealing with attorneys that don’t care about more than your dollar. In my family’s honest opinion, if more attorneys operated like Mat, there would be a more trust worthy legal system. Thank you Mat, we could never repay what you’ve done for us.”

— D.L. & Family

“My son was living in Montana, and I was living in another state when I received the phone call every parent dreads; my son was in jail and had been arrested for committing a crime while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. I frantically looked up defense attorneys and was fortunate enough to reach Sara at Big Sky Legal offices. Sara was very empathetic and walked me through the basic steps needed to get him legal representation. The attorney’s Mat were in constant touch with me and worked with my son to get him out on bond and returned to our custody in Illinois. They did a wonderful job and were able to get my son a sentence of probation instead of doing any jail time. They were able to give my son a second chance at living a sober, productive life and keep our family together. I will be eternally grateful for their hard work, and their willingness to talk to me as often as I needed to understand the legal system and what to do. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone who needs a dedicated, caring lawyer. They treated my son with respect and were able to turn a horrible situation into a life changing lesson with positive results.”

— A very grateful mom

“I was wrongfully charged with a DUI in Missoula, and I am from out of state. Stevenson Law Office resolved my case in a timely fashion, I never even had to return to the state.”

— A.E.

“I was involved in a very difficult situation with criminal implications, and I had a related civil case I wished to file of my own. I contacted so many lawyers, I can’t even remember now. None were even interested, nor they immediately revealed their doubts. There was not any way they could help or be of any assistance to me, or that they were willing to do so even if they could. Mr. Stevenson was different. Mr. Stevenson was always completely honest with me, and also admitted my case was difficult. But he had already dealt with several cases similar to my own, and he was more than willing to help me. And that he did. Mr. Stevenson agreed to listen to all the intricate details of my case. He told me of my options and offered his well thought out recommendations. Then we agreed on a plan, and Mr. Stevenson applied himself with all his energy. He worked nights and weekends, doing an enormous amount of research. Then he came up with some excellent arguments and set out to file all the necessarily court documents. He always kept me apprised of his progress, kept me updated on his contacts with third parties, and followed through with my case to a very satisfactory conclusion at the end. Mr. Stevenson is experienced, honest, smart, and was appropriately aggressive in pursuit of my legal goals. I would both retain him again for any and all of my own legal needs, and recommend him to my family and friends for theirs.”

— S. A.

“My child was a student at University of Montana and had gotten into a legal situation in Missoula. Being a parent living in Washington, my first reaction was to drive to Montana to try and help. Since that was not practical and timely, I contacted Stevenson Law Office. Mat Stevenson listened to our case and immediately made us feel confident that he would be a good representative for us. Mat kept me informed on a regular basis and helped our child win their case. As a parent I was relieved to know that Mat was there for our family.”

— K.E.

“Thank you for representing me. I feel a huge relief thanks to your help. Throughout this process, I felt like you were there for me. You returned my emails and phone calls promptly, and if I had questions you helped me with answers. Thank you.” Warm regards,

— S. S.