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Aggressive Criminal Defense That Protects Your Rights

A criminal trial in a Montana state or federal court can be life-changing — and not in a good way.

Convictions for federal crimes, state felonies and misdemeanors translate to long-term imprisonment, substantial fines and restitution, a criminal record and ruin for your reputation.

You can get ahead of these negative outcomes by retaining experienced, proven-effective criminal defense representation available now at the Stevenson Law Office in Missoula.

Mat Stevenson is an advocate dedicated to fight for your rights throughout the legal process, from arrest and indictment to verdict and appeal if needed. The skilled legal professionals at the Stevenson Law Office are recognized throughout the state for exhaustive case preparation, detailed investigation of your charges, bargaining with prosecutors and litigating against them in court.

If you have questions about criminal law in Montana, we can answer them.

Powerful Advocacy That Makes A Difference When Freedoms Are At Risk

Our law firm’s command of criminal law includes handling of practice areas such as:

At this difficult time in your life, you need committed, compassionate lawyers whose goals are to get your charges reduced or dismissed right away. At the Stevenson Law Office, we know inadmissible evidence when we see it. We are also careful to detect coerced confessions and violations of our clients’ Fourth Amendment privacy rights. Whatever your situation, retaining Stevenson Law Office guarantees you extremely attentive and aggressive legal representation, regardless of the severity of the allegations against you.

Please do not delay the selection of the right attorneys for yourself while the government builds its case for trial. We need to hear from you at 406-552-1851 or by email in order to schedule your initial consultation.