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Committed Criminal Defense Representation

A criminal charge has the power to severely disrupt your life. With your freedom in jeopardy, how you choose to confront such a challenge is critical. If you find yourself facing serious criminal charges, you need legal help to protect your rights.

At Stevenson Law Office, we offer our Missoula individuals aggressive criminal defense services. Attorney Mat Stevenson offers considerable experience in western Montana, and he is prepared to fight on your behalf to seek a positive outcome. To learn more about Mr. Stevenson, follow the link below:

A Record Of Effective Advocacy

Since founding Stevenson Law Office in 2002, attorney Mat Stevenson has aided many western Montana individuals facing daunting criminal charges. A staunch believer in constitutional rights, Mr. Stevenson explores all possible avenues for his clients, drawing upon his considerable experience and investigative tactics to design the most effective strategy possible.

A graduate of the University of Montana Law School, Mr. Stevenson has appeared before more than 30 judges in state district and federal courts. He has also defended clients in tribal, city and municipal court. As a Montana native hailing from Great Falls, Mr. Stevenson understands the region and draws upon an extensive network of resources on behalf of his clients.

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