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Were You Arrested For A Federal Crime?

Compared with judicial processes in local, municipal, county and state courthouses, federal courts are the major leagues — where complex cases, precious freedoms and financial futures are decided. At the Stevenson Law Office in Missoula, experienced criminal defense attorney Mat Stevenson has the tenacity and track record that benefit you during a grand jury investigation and at trial. Mat Stevenson has successfully argued on behalf of Montana clients facing various types of allegations in federal district court. Mat Stevenson has also won on appeal, from federal district court to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Our lawyers are receptive to your version of what happened. We uncover important details, collect and analyze evidence, examine law enforcement records, skillfully negotiate with prosecutors and persuasively argue against them in the courtroom. At the end of your journey through the federal legal system, you will know that your interests have been thoroughly safeguarded.

Are You Charged With A Federal Crime In Western Montana? We Can Help.

Stevenson Law Office is uniquely qualified to represent you before, during and after a criminal trial on one or more of these serious federal charges:

  • Financial crimes, including fraud, extortion, embezzlement and money laundering
  • Conspiracy to commit a financial, computer or drug crime
  • Internet crimes
  • Public corruption

We cannot overestimate the importance of being proactive and communicating with us immediately, so we can hear your side of the story. You do not want to surrender to harsh federal punishments without a fight. Call the Stevenson Law Office today at 406-552-1851 or stay at our website to send an email message.