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A Drunk Driving Arrest Could Put Your License In Jeopardy

Are you facing a bleak future filled with jail time, heavy fines, license suspension, electronic monitoring and education classes because of a DUI conviction in Western Montana?

If so, you need skillful, proactive defense representation in your corner — immediately.

In Missoula and surrounding counties, we bring that kind of full-court press protection to our criminal defense clients every day. We are the Stevenson Law Office, well-known to 80 judges in 40 courts throughout the state.

Our respected criminal defense law firm’s founder Mat Stevenson takes control of your case right away, confronting prosecutors with the facts and delivers your side of the story in open court if necessary. We represent first-time DUI defendants as well as repeat offenders for issues ranging from driver’s license revocation to alcohol-related probation violations.

Powerful Advocacy For Restoration Of Driving Privileges After A DUI Arrest

We have the lawyers with defenses who get positive results when our clients need it most. We spotlight the roles that weather, illness, vehicle malfunction and hazardous roads can play in misleading police to think that they’re witnessing drunk driving. We crusade against strenuous field sobriety testing. And we are always prepared to file a breathalyzer challenge against testing equipment, which can prove to be defective, thereby recording a distorted blood alcohol concentration.

Along the way, our accessibility and personal service are second to none. The Stevenson Law Office‘s DUI defense practice uses responsiveness and reputation to your benefit, at administrative hearings and in court.

The sooner you are in touch with us by phone or email message, the sooner we can begin offering quality legal services that safeguard your Montana driver’s license. Please call 406-552-1851 to arrange an initial consultation.