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A DUI could jeopardize your CDL licensure

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Driving under the influence in Montana could cost you the privilege to drive. Even worse, if other motorists experience property damage or injuries as a result of your actions, you could face serious criminal charges.

If you rely on the ability to drive to perform your job, a DUI could jeopardize your CDL licensure and inadvertently put you at risk of losing your job.

Awaiting your conviction

While you wait to hear the outcome of your pending DUI charge, you will not be able to drive. According to the Montana Department of Transportation, your CDL license is subject to suspension even if you were driving your personal vehicle when you got a DUI. Additionally, unlike the 0.08 BAC requirement for other drivers, your BAC cannot exceed 0.04 if you have a CDL license.

After explaining your situation to your employer, you may be able to negotiate an agreement regarding your employment. Some ideas you could present include a temporary reassignment or modifications to your current responsibilities so your job does not require you to drive.

Anticipating the future

The conditions surrounding your DUI charge will impact the length of your license suspension and the conditions for having your privileges reinstated. Some of the requirements you may need to meet include the completion of a chemical dependency assessment, participation in a course that addresses the dangers of intoxicated driving and the completion of an approved treatment program. You may also need to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle.

Knowing the conditions of your sentence can help you make sure you meet every requirement in a timely manner. Once you have paid all legal dues and can show proof of your compliance, you can complete the process to have your CDL license reinstated.