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What is the Firearm Owners Protection Act?

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2020 | Criminal Law |

Across the country, there are many proposals that could reduce your Second Amendment rights, but in Montana, there is a bill trying to strengthen them. 

According to MontanaRight Now.com, the Firearm Owners Protection Act aims to help protect the carry rights of those coming into the state. It also states that it is a federal civil rights violation for anyone to infringe on the right to transport a legally-owned firearm. 

The details 

Local laws may vary when it comes to transporting firearms into the state, which can lead to unlawful arrests. This bill seeks to help bring consistency and prevent you from facing an arrest. Of course, the bill does allow for exceptions for probable cause. 

The meaning of transport 

An important part of the bill is defining what transport means. In the language of this document, it means any activities you would do in the regular course of visiting the state, including stopping for fuel and staying overnight in a hotel. It would also cover you if you need to seek maintenance for your vehicle while traveling. 

The goal 

The goal of the bill is to help protect the rights of those traveling to and through Montana from other states. It is for legal gun owners who are following the laws and only want to safely transport their firearms. It also backs up federal rights that you already have and clarifies that the state honors those rights to transport firearms and be safe from illegal arrest for having a legal gun in your possession simply because you have traveled across state lines.