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Is it true that one DUI conviction will cost at least $10,000?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2023 | Criminal Law |

Have you ever seen those televised public service announcements indicating that a single DUI conviction typically costs about ten grand? Many believe this is an arbitrary figure meant to deter people from drinking and driving, but it has a factual basis.

Getting arrested, jailed and appearing in court may not add up to $10,000, but the associated costs will raise your total considerably. Familiarize yourself with the possible fees, fines and other expenses that generally come with a DUI conviction.

Fee / fine schedule

Montana DUI laws ensure convicted defendants pay dearly, even if they have never been in trouble for driving under the influence. A first-time DUI conviction will mean paying a fine of at least $600. Those transporting passengers younger than 16 will face twice the amount in fines.

Other associated costs

A DUI conviction means completing a mandatory alcohol education program. You must pay for the program out of your own pocket. You will also lose your driving license for at least six months and must pay to restore your driving privileges. Additional expenses include higher insurance rates and vehicle towing and impound fees.

An average figure

The ten grand figure is closely associated with DUI because it represents the average cost per individual after adding fines, fees and expenses together. The final tally depends on the unique facts relevant to each DUI arrest.

In some ways, a DUI conviction costs even more in the long term. For example, it can impact your ability to find and keep a good job for many years.

To minimize or perhaps even rule out the possibility of a DUI conviction, explore your legal options with an experienced representative.