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Can you legally possess and carry a suppressor in Montana?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2022 | Criminal Law |

The Second Amendment to the federal Constitution enshrines the basic right to bear arms. Exactly how an individual makes use of those rights will depend on the state where they live and their personal history. 

Factors including mental health issues, dishonorable discharge from their previous military service and certain criminal convictions can prevent people from legally possessing firearms. There are also limitations on the kinds of firearms and accessories that people purchase and how they carry, transport or store their firearms. 

Suppressors, which protect people’s hearing by reducing the noise involved in discharging a firearm, are among the most-regulated firearm accessories. Are they legal in Montana? 

Montana permits the possession and use of suppressors

Montana does not currently restrict the use of noise suppression accessories for firearms, nor does it require any special training, licensing or insurance for someone to use such accessories. There are very few rules at the state level limiting an individual’s right to purchase or carry firearms. 

However, firearm owners in Montana must ensure that they comply with federal laws in addition to state regulations. When it comes to suppressors, a special permit is necessary. Those who wish to purchase a suppressor will first need to apply for a federal license. Typically, those selling suppressors will require proof of the necessary licensing for someone to complete a purchase, but not all buyers know about the laws related to their firearm accessories. 

Montana firearm owners could face criminal charges if they get caught in possession of a suppressor without the appropriate federal paperwork. Understanding the rules that apply to firearm and accessory ownership can help people better ensure compliance with the law.