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New Year’s celebrations and assault charges

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2020 | Criminal Law |

Many people in Montana enjoy staying out at night to welcome the new year and enjoy the holiday with their friends. While this is a great way for many people to have fun and partake in various festivities, the Stevenson Law Office also knows that many people find themselves in the middle of legal problems following a night out on New Year’s eve. For example, many people are pulled over for driving under the influence, and a lot of people are also charged with assault during this holiday (especially when large crowds and alcohol are involved). 

Many different factors come into play with regard to assault cases. For instance, some people decide to file suit over a fight that they started, while others come up with false details and exaggerations to support their side of the story. With so many people staying up into the early morning hours, especially in areas that are heavily congested, it is no surprise that some fights inevitably break out. Many people like to drink during this holiday as well, which only adds fuel to the fire. 

Assault charges can ruin your holiday celebrations as well as your life throughout the coming year. If you are facing charges over an incident that happened while trying to protect yourself, or you are in the middle of a case involving some other type of violent incident, it is important to understand your options and the way to approach your case. Please visit our page on this facet of criminal defense if you would like to read more about handling an assault case properly.