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The rights of motorists who are pulled over in Montana

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2019 | Firm News |

When people see flashing red and blue lights behind them while they are traveling in Montana, they may start to feel anxious and uneasy. This is especially the case for people who may be aware that they were participating in the behavior of some kind that is not appropriate while driving. However, it is important that people are aware of their rights when they are pulled over so they can act accordingly and be confident that they can interact with authorities without being taken advantage of. 

Even though many people discuss the importance of behaving kindly, respectfully and professionally when talking with authorities at a traffic stop, CNN reports that there is no actual law against people having an attitude during a traffic stop. Rather, it is generally assumed that people will act with courtesy and respect when answering questions, complying with commands and waiting for the outcome of their stop. 

It is the right of authorities to feel safe and if under any circumstances, they feel that their safety is at risk, they have the right to order the occupants of a vehicle to step out. The more willing that people are to comply with the requests of the authorities that have apprehended them at a traffic stop, the faster they may be able to resolve the situation and continue traveling. 

If a person has been pulled over because authorities suspect that he or she may be driving under the influence, a breathalyzer test may be administered. However, the Montana Legislative Services warns that people who refuse to comply with the request to complete a breathalyzer may be arrested because of law 61-8-402 which means that anyone driving has effectively given implied consent for their participation in such tests if they are pulled over.